Making Dreams Come True

Although Barry and I were so excited to launch our specialized travel site, British Travel By Design  only a few months ago, we recognize this is not a time to speak about preparing a trip for you when jobs, health, and travel are a global challenge.

We hope, however your dreams of future travel and might inspire you to learn a new language, mind-travel to new landscapes abroad and read more authors, artists and historical times you have always been curious about.  This safe mental journeying will be a wonderful way to focus your travel when the time comes to do so.   It is also a wonderful time to explore, capture  and review and perhaps purchase  our much admired travel accessories, books, and journals.  Barry will also share some of his mindful packing techniques!

Please continue to watch for our blogs and affiliate links for products.

We wish for you all to be graced with continued good health and for those who are struggling with this virus we wish for you soon to be well again.

Linda and Barry Simpson

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