Places Less Visited – Sculpture In The Sand – 1

There are few items that generate more different points of view or discussion than art works or sculpture outside of a gallery and some of the most intense discussions seem to happen when an installation is created on a pristine beach where until now only the tide had disturbed the sand.

I recently came across several intriguing installations that are close to the ocean or on the beach. The first that caught my eye is known as ‘Another Place’ by the artist Antony Gormley. This installation is in Crosby, just north of Liverpool and consists of 100 figures, all of which are casts of Antony Gormley in various representations rising out of the sand. Many of these life size figures spread over 450 acres are inundated by the tide and evidence of the sea reacting with the statues can be seen. In fact a local university has been undertaking studies on the effect of marine life on the cast iron statues.

Controversy has followed this exhibit wherever if has been, originally exhibited in Cuxhaven, Germany, Stavanger in Norway and then in De Panne in Belgium before finding a permanent home in Crosby.

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