Places Less Visited – Dursey Island Eire

Dursey Island hangs off the western point of Ireland with three rocks called Bull Rock, Cow Rock and Calf Rock. In the mid-1800s there were 48 people living on the island and today that has been reduced to 4 with several holiday homes for those who wish to experience a wild and windy environment, there is almost nothing between this island and North America with the full force of the Atlantic Ocean winds beating the island into submission.

Some of the unusual things about this island include:

  • Rocks on the island that spell out the word EIRE designed to let German pilots in WWII know that they were over the neutral country of Eire.
  • The only cable car in Eire that connects it to the mainland, and it has been used for everything including people and freight (including cows). Cattle are no longer allowed to use it for health and safety reasons.
  • A signal tower that survives from the Napoleonic era (early 1800s)
  • The start of the European E8 long distance footpath that goes for close to 2,900 miles and ends in Turkey.

If you are visiting Eire then this is definitely a stop to add on your itinerary.

Picture attribution: Cathy Cox / Signal Tower, Dursey Island, K. Jähne / Cable Car, Arnout Vos / Dursey Island,

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