Linda and Barry Simpson

We are a blended couple; American and British with discerning tastes who have extensively traveled throughout the world for both business and pleasure. We decided to create this site to share and illuminate travel possibilities for fiercely independent people like ourselves who would enjoy exploring new countries, but do not want to be disappointed having little experience planning such personal travel. We guide you in choosing an exceptional villa/home rental, or hotel, on-site knowledgeable travel guides, drivers, car rentals, event tickets, best local restaurants, prettiest towns, most spectacular gardens/castles, museums, hiking trails, fly fishing experiences, guide books, travel blogs, etc.

“Barry and I are quite a like, but also have individual perspectives when it comes to planning a wondrous new travel adventure.   I am sure many of you can relate!

We both always appreciate our mutually beneficial contributions which ultimately make travelling together easy, efficient, and organized, but also atmospheric, romantic, and experiential.

As a couple we  prefer traveling and exploring on our own or with a few friends, not with a group full of tourists we do not know.  We cherish experiencing local culture and an agenda we have authored according to own taste. Traveling this way we have found unexpected new places and meet new friends wherever we go. We keep detailed diaries and share them with our friends and customers.

My travel decisions are more storybook and romantic in nature.   I am very sensitive to my surroundings and find delight in carefully curated details when I choose where we will stay.

We love to make time to indulge in wonderful local food and shop at countryside markets to try new cheese, meats, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I am British by birth, and have citizenship in America where I have lived for more than 25 yrs. I have spent much of my childhood and career in numerous countries appreciating history, culture and exceptional food and wine. As part of our ongoing education and learning about new events I have qualified as an accredited BritAgent

Like Linda I have discerning tastes and appreciate her curating our experiences. Together we decide where we go, where we stay and what we do. Linda brings the right accessories to personalize any room or home we rent, like cloth napkins, candles and music.

On the other hand, I am also a practical traveler and am tasked to follow her lead and organize the trip. I lay out time efficient itineraries, plot out the local supermarkets, hire cars, book flights, vacu-pack clothes, and include the necessities I want close at hand when we arrive at a new location. This would include an insulated bag and travel mugs, corkscrew, adapters, phone chargers, zip lock bags for ice, wet clothes and liquids in case they need to be packed.

I am quite expert at this after so many years of travel, as opposed to my wife who packs too much! However, I must admit, I love the romantic storybook atmosphere she creates.

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