Places Less Visited – Shrewsbury

Sitting close to the border between England and Wales Shrewsbury represents one of the UK’s hidden delights. A city that was founded in Saxon times (around the 7th Century) with a small settlement possibly based on an earlier Roman settlement from a couple of hundred years earlier.

Nestled in a bend on the River Severn the town occupies a strategic place at the junction of trade routes and some easy river crossings and in the 10th century a Saxon king ordered the town to be fortified and so the first castle was built. The current castle was originally founded in 1067.

You can imagine with such a heritage this is a city that incorporates old and new, with something to explore at almost every turn. Some highlights of Shrewsbury include

  • Explore the early life of Charles Darwin, yes he was born here.
  • Shrewsbury Folk Festival (End of August 2022)
  • Shrewsbury Castle, including a museum and art gallery
  • Shrewsbury Prison, and they have an escape room
  • A fine, contemporary theater, and
  • Many wonderful old cobbled streets and buildings to explore.

A day spent in Shrewsbury is not one that you will forget if you enjoy history and art.

Here are a couple of 5 star hotels in the area:
* Darwin’s Townhouse
* Prince Rupert Hotel


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