Storybook Cottages

A country cottage is more than a welcoming door and a thatched roof, inside may be a real fire in a cozy living room that shouts ‘relax’ at you. Great Britain and Ireland are fortunate to have a wide range of luxurious cottages, apartments (or flats as they are called over there) and even castles for your enjoyment.

From Cornwall where the ocean is never more than a short trip away to the east coast with its’ rolling countryside and a wide and spacious coastline. The border between England and Wales is spectacular with truly fairy tale castles and towns with cobbled streets. Wales encompasses wonderful beaches, a beer train and countryside that will leave you in awe. Scotland with more activities and festivals that I can list in this small space. Northern Ireland and Eire have some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable and everywhere are welcoming people and homes to rest and relax in.

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